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Tovi Wilkins

Hello, my name is Tovi Wilkins the owner of

Consele Products Corporation and Love Me For Me Nonprofit.


I use Business is in everything I do: buying a house, running our business, going to school, etc. everything is business and I  always want to surround myself with people who are

like-minded that I can learn from.

My Story



As the founder of Love me from Me which was created from my own life. I grew up in Cleveland Ohio, lots of things that happened in my life as a child either to me or about me affected me. I was tall and thick and saw things differently

as a child, kids would say hurtful things like amazon women, big girl, yellow banana due to my skin tone, and much more this cause me to become a loner. Even though it was hurting me and didn't share with anyone caused me to begin to not love myself due to others' opinions, I doubted myself, I made many bad decisions and mistakes in my life looking for love and just wanted to be loved for who I was and this continues to affect me as an adult, I never excepted myself and became a self doubter which would stop me from becoming who I should have been along time ago. I live a functional life outwardly but was always hurting inside, now understanding who I am.





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