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Natural Cosmetics

Consele Products was founded by Tovi Wilkins, a professional Instructor/Cosmetologist with over 40 years of experience in the beauty industry. Tovi's passion for natural haircare and her desire to educate andpromote holistic beauty led her to create Transform & Rejuvenate Moisturizer.

Meet Tovi

My name is Tovi Wilkins. I am not the typical stylist who only styles your hair. I educate, specialize, and promote Natural Haircare. Business is in everything I do: buying a house, running a business, going to school, etc., everything is business. I surrounded myself with people who are like-minded. In 2012  I created a product called Top to Bottom Moisture Cream which name was changed to Transform & Rejuvenate. It’s a line of all-natural, “skin-love” products that hydrate, moisturize and replenish skin's elasticity and texture. It also works as a moisturizer and sealant for dry, brittle, and or damaged hair as it fills the hair follicle with rich moisture that helps strengthen the hair at its roots. In 2016 we were able to successfully launch our product in our barber and beauty shop in Downtown Bremerton, and we now ship to the customer in the U.S.A; we have created a merchandise store with our product line and our KRE84U merchandise.



A Moisturizer Born of Love and Necessity

In Kitsap County, Tovi Wilkins, a seasoned cosmetologist, faced a challenge close to her heart. Her husband, Reuben, suffered from stubborn eczema. They tried various remedies to no avail, until Tovi decided to create a solution herself.

Fueled by love and her years of expertise, Tovi crafted a moisturizer that finally worked wonders for Reuben's skin. His eczema began to fade, and the impact was impossible to ignore.

Tovi's creation not only transformed her husband's life but also caught the attention of friends and family. Witnessing the magic of Tovi's moisturizer, they wanted to experience it too.

Recognizing the potential to help others, Tovi introduced her creation to the world as "Transform & Rejuvenate Moisturizer." It wasn't just a skincare product; it was a testament to the power of love and innovation.

Today, Consele Products stands as a beacon of natural beauty, all because one woman's love and determination led to a moisturizer that brought comfort, confidence, and radiant skin to countless lives.

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